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We will inform you of the changes ahead to lead change in the new workplace demographic with emphasis on spirit and big-picture conceptual thinking.

Most organizations have gone through many rounds of leadership changes, change programs, mergers, centralizations, decentralizations, new technologies new mission and vision statements, new scorecards and incentive systems. These traditional recipes often are part of the problem, not the solution. We bring a more powerful, soulful, more meaningful way to work together. Your leaders will lead with more authenticity, greater integration, diversity and inclusion.

Using our proprietary research measures and methodologies people collaborate and cooperate rather than simply give and accept assignments. New types of relations between groups will form. Those who have been overlooked and undervalued will voice their opinions on important issues and perform tasks no one thought they could. Every single person in the organization has the satisfaction of seeing the entire purpose come to life and not just a small part of it.

Chris Sansone, Ph.D.

Chris, a published author on leadership development program design, diversity and ethnic identity he is a member of the International Society of Organization Development and Change.  Since 1999 he has designed change programs building skills, mind, emotion and spirit for leadership in scientific, technological, healthcare, university and engineering organizations. A Prosci Change Practitioner® he has helped his clients implement change and build inclusive workforces. Chris is certified by the Coaches Training Institute, has a doctorate in Organization Development from the Fielding Graduate University and is a teacher of the Process at the Hoffman Institute.

Maria Velasco, M.A.

Born and raised in Salamanca, Spain Maria has over 15 years designing and facilitating trainings building cultural awareness, inclusivity and change initiatives in, higher education, healthcare, mental health, technology, scientific, government and non-profit organizations throughout the U.S. Maria uses Appreciative Inquiry methodology for intercultural collaboration. She is a certified Cultural Competency Trainer by Cross Cultural Health Care and has a masters degree in Organization Development and Leadership from the Fielding Graduate University.


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