What We Do


Your Change Success

We meet you where you are and lead you through the change you want to make. In the process we share advanced, strengths-based action research methods for managing all kinds of change including the complexities of creating and leading a diverse workforce with all the benefits it has to offer at this emerging new time.

Change Leadership
Reflection + Practice

Momentum requires resistance. Without it birds could not fly, fish could not swim and you couldn’t walk. Our research-based, field-proven program integrates self-reflection with real-world practice. Your leaders will efficiently lead change by understanding and engaging resistance skillfully with compassion and knowledge generation. Emphasis is on developing vertical ways of being to inform and enhance practical horizontal techniques.

Voluntary Engagement

Force-feeding, compliance training programs activate unproductive and costly biases rather than reduce them. We customize new-thought, integrative training designs for the classroom and the field, for all members of your organization. Our way of enrolling, naturally, by cross-functional teams, with 360°real-world performance measures, has proven particularly effective.

Mapping Change

A good map makes all the difference. Our highly researched, proprietary Diversity and Inclusion Resistance Indicator (DIRI), locates and measures specific points of resistance to change initiatives. Combining DIRI with change leadership and project and change management practices and tools, gives you a clear path to repeatable change success.


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